Hi! I’m Madeline! Thank you so much for visiting my website. My journey started 15 years ago when I was born with a very rare blood disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Having this anemia means my body does not make red blood cells. This is a rare condition that affects about 1500 people world wide. Currently there are only a few treatments for DBA. These treatments include corticosteroids, blood transfusions, or a bone marrow transplant. For my treatment, I receive a blood transfusion every 3 to 4 weeks. Living with DBA is tough sometimes but I get through it with the support of my family and friends. To learn more about DBA and how you can help, visit the DBA Foundation and DMAF.org

Remission - A stable, physiologically acceptable hemoglobin, maintained for at least six months independent of corticosteroids, transfusions or other therapy.

About a year ago I started making fused glass jewelry. Since I can't make my own red blood cells I thought it would be a neat idea to create them within my jewelry. That's when I started Madeline's Journey, Red Cells For Remission! My journey has been successful thanks to the awesome support of my family, friends, and people like you. All of my jewelry is designed to represent awareness for the need of new treatments and cures for cancers and blood disorders. Every pendant is made by hand and features signature "Red Cells" on the back. Each one is unique and no two are alike! The idea is to wear them close to your heart to inspire hope for remission for all loved ones coping with a life threatening illness.

Thank you for your support!


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How I Make Red Cells For Remission™ Pendants

Each piece goes through several steps before it's completed. Most of my pieces have several layers of glass and when heated in my kiln, they will fuse together to create a single layer. It takes quite a bit of time to design, fuse, shape, polish, photograph, list, sell, and ship each pendant but it's totally worth it! My goal is to create wearable art that raises awareness, has special meaning, and embraces positivity.


Designing a pendant is a lot of fun. Starting with big sheets of glass, each piece is cut by hand, stacked and layered to create a unique design that can be turned into a pendant. Not all pendants turn out the way you quite expect, but that's part of the fun. I'm always creating new designs and shapes so be sure to subscribe to my Twitter page or Contact me to get updates when new pendants and designs are available.

Fusing Process

During the fusing process the layers will fuse together creating a single piece. When the temperature reaches about 1450 degrees the glass begins to soften and melt together creating a totally unique pendant! After they are fired in the kiln, they are ready to be shaped and finished.

Red Cells for Remission ™

Red Cells for Remission are what make my pendants truly special! During the fusing process, small pieces of red glass (red cells) are melted on the back. Each one has a different pattern, making it one of kind ! Wear your pendant close to your heart to inspire hope for remission.

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